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    Ziall one shot one night stand nesoddtangen

    ziall one shot one night stand nesoddtangen

    He's a good for nothing piece of shit Niall" His dad yelled, I took a deep breath. Niall exclaimed, I looked at him with questioning eyes, Niall nodded his head. "I don't need the big wedding or the big house, I just need you beside me, I want you beside me through everything, I want you to be my husband and I don't wanna wait. I checked my phone again, No calls from him. "Yeah I know, Have you seen Zayn or heard from him by any chance?" I asked, Ed shook his head. He dosen't deserve somebody like you" Niall's dad stated. So this morning I woke up, Got in my car and drove to his home. We love eachother" I explained. If people don't like it, Well it's to damn bad. We walked down hall after hall, My footsteps were echoing inside my ear like a drum, My heart was pounding, I didn't know what I'd see in that hospital room, I didn't know if I wanted to see anything. We know his sort Niall, They take advantage of young men like you" I wasn't made of stone, Sometimes peoples opinions of me hurt, I'm human just like they are. They didn't approve of me, They've never approved.

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    We'll still love each other, forever and always. "Niall oh thank god, Sweetheart you need to get to the hospital now" My heart was pounding. "Hey Zi it's me, I'm waiting for you, I guess works running late again, I'll wait another twenty minutes if your not here I'll get a takeaway and meet you at home, I love you" I said before hanging up the phone. He wouldn't be here if he didn't love me" Niall exclaimed. He was the boy I looked at from across the hall, The one I always thought was out of my league. It dosen't matter if we have Niall's parents approval or not, I was gonna marry Niall and spend the rest of my life with him. We had arranged to meet eachother for lunch, But he was late, I don't mean a few minutes late, I mean hours late. We'll grow old together, and always remember. Things that are said to me, They hurt, I looked up at Niall's dad. Neither of you are blind. Another twenty minutes passed, The carpark was now empty, I called all our friends, None of them had heard from him. They think I'll drag him down to my worthless level. Forever and always, forever and always" I whispered into his ear, Zayn smiled. "What can he possibly offer you Niall?" "Hell of alot more then you can" I mumbled.

    ziall one shot one night stand nesoddtangen

    , I then quickly stood up and Niall pulled me into a tight hug. After Zayn lost the baby him and Niall grew apart and Zayn started to do drugs and drink to forget the pain of their son that he had lost (Few months later) "Well little man do you. I remember dropping to my knee's, Pulling him into my arms and crying out the word yes. "Niall mate were closing up soon" Ed said as he picked up the cup he'd been refilling all night, I nodded my head. "The man he put away two months ago, His best friend that swore revenge, Zayn was called out on a job, He was there and he pulled a gun and Zayn was, He was-" "It's ok Trisha, You don't. The thing I feared the most happened. 1.4K 24 0, request sent in by @parkhaae1807I hope it is okay. "I meant every word I said" I then pulled out a ring and got down on one knee, Niall's eyes widened and a smile spread across his face. "I can't leave you alone for more then a few hours can I?" I joked while fighting back my tears. I held Trisha in my arms as she cried into my chest, I couldn't cry, I couldn't do that. I looked down to my hand to see the ring Zayn had given me back in December, The memory of that night filled my mind. "Our song" He whispered, I nodded my head. We met back in school. .

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    "You'd never lose me, Remember we have so many plans. He's got a heart of pure gold, Why would somebody want to hurt my Zayn? You have nothing but hurtful and hateful comments to make about. "Niall" Trisha exclaimed the moment she saw me, My eyes were glued to the bed, Zayn was laid out in it, Wires attached to his body, And various machines were surrounding him, I didn't know what they were doing. Through the good and the bad and the ugly. That's easy, It's Zayn. "I'll take you to him" She said, I followed after her. I'm not asking you to love me ok, I'm asking you to open your eyes and see that he means everything. The nurse was explaining to me what happened, She was telling me about the bullet, But I could barely hear her over the sound of my beating heart. "I know you don't wanna lose your little boy, And I don't wanna take him from you, But I can't live without him in my life, More to the point, I won't live without him. "Yeah, I guess" I mumbled before looking out the window once again. I want Niall for the rest of my life. Mature 196K.7K 26, completed 134K.7K 26, completed  Mature 362K.5K.

    ziall one shot one night stand nesoddtangen